The Whole Self Workshop Series is here!

Fun announcement!
I’ll be offering a Whole Self series at the Hannah Grimes Center in Keene from 5 – 6pm on Fridays, February 15th to March 8th. The series will consist of four one-hour-long workshops with a maximum of nine group members. It is recommended that group members sign up for all four workshops to maintain consistency and trust in the group, and to build on concepts week to week. The workshops are outlined as follows:
February 15: “It’s Not About the Food:” This workshop examines the stories we tell about ourselves and our relationships to food and our bodies. We discuss how our culture contributes to a negative self/body image. We delve into how difficulties with food and eating are often couched in control, and how to handle our inner “controllers”.
February 22: “Accepting and Nurturing Our Parts:” This workshop urges us to identify the parts of ourselves that we don’t like, and how to think about them/treat them in a different way to get different results. This workshop examines the difference between taking care of ourselves and bullying ourselves, and how this impacts how we approach food and eating.
March 1: “Self-Assertiveness & Vulnerability:” This workshop reviews the often scary idea of asserting our own wants and needs, asking for help, and being our real selves, warts and all. Do we use food and eating as a numbing agent? If so, what are we trying to numb? How do we stay present with ourselves?
March 8: “Making Empowering Choices:” This workshop focuses on how we can make positive choices to prioritize our own health as we move forward. Where in our lives do we need to decrease stress? How can the power of preparation help us as we heal our relationships to food and our bodies?
These workshops represent my specialties, and I’m so excited to offer them!
Each workshop is $25, for a total of $100 for all four workshops. As these are interactive workshops and are not group therapy, I will not be accepting insurance for this series.
If you are interested in attending the series, please email me ( to register with your name and contact information. Assuming that the series fills up (the cap is 9 participants, but I do need at least 7 to move forward with the workshops), I will email all registered participants with more details the week prior to starting the workshops. Payment will be due at the time of service.
Please be in touch with me with any questions. I look forward to seeing you in February!
– Dana
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