Make moves to be whole, not to be “better”.

Do we really need to be better than we are? We are frequently plagued with expectations for ourselves to do better and to be better. Approaching ourselves through this lens, it is very difficult to come from a place of self-compassion, because we are viewing all of our imperfections and making plans for the "fixing" … Continue reading Make moves to be whole, not to be “better”.

Taking care of your Self first.

Care-taking often flies under the radar because it's a thing that Good people do. It's also a brilliant helper in that it allows us to keep a healthy distance from our own emotional experiences by remaining focused on the wants and needs of others. As long as someone needs something from us, we can keep … Continue reading Taking care of your Self first.

The un-Doing.

Over the years I’ve identified a strong correlation between Doing too much and an increased experience of stress and tension (revelatory - I know).  I can now immediately identify the beginnings of physical symptoms that tell me I’m running around too much and not checking in with myself enough- mostly skin and digestive issues. My … Continue reading The un-Doing.