• Self-Care & Stress Management

    We may be a good fit to work together if:

    • You want to better understand where your perfectionistic tendencies originated, and how to “deal” with them.
    • You want to handle your daily stress effectively, with a goal of living more mindfully and authentically.
    • You want to learn how to put yourself first (or at the very least, not put yourself last!) without feeling selfish.
    • You want to become more confident in who you are, and learn to be assertive and establish reasonable boundaries.

  • Anxiety, Shame, & Guilt

    We may be a good fit to work together if:

    • You want to quiet your inner critic.
    • You want to experience fewer panic attacks, and generally feel less anxious on a day-to-day basis.
    • You want to heal past hurts that have resulted in phobias or chronic fears.
    • You want to allow room for more play and relaxation in your life, but struggle with an impulse to always be “productive”.
    • You want to “let go” of the guilt that comes up whenever you try to do something just for yourself.
    • You are a people-pleaser, fixer, helper, or healer, by trade or by personal make-up.

  • Eating, Body Image Issues & Eating Disorders

    We may be a good fit to work together if:

    • You want to heal your relationship with food and your body.
    • You want to end the cycle of dieting, or stop or reduce behaviors that might feel shameful, like restricting, bingeing, purging, or setting extreme rules for yourself that are impossible to sustain.
    • You are interested in letting go of food-related issues altogether, but fear the loss of control and panic this brings up for you.
    • You are looking for a compassionate, gentle approach to healing food and body image issues that allows you to go at your own pace and does not judge “slip-ups” along the way.


*When working with eating and body issues or disorders, I emphasize overall wellness and physical, mental, and emotional health. I do not stress weight loss as a primary goal for treatment.