Shrill is a TV show! Why everybody should watch it.

Hello all!

I’m so excited that one of my favorite books (that I recommend to ALL of my clients), Shrill, has been made into a TV series on Hulu. And not just a TV series – a funny, well-casted, very smart, rather groundbreaking series.

I’ve written about Shrill before. I love the book because I think it asserts an exemplary feminist perspective, and commands strength, power, and attention simply by virtue of author Lindy West’s honesty, vulnerability, and refusal to apologize for parts of herself that she does not accept to be flawed or broken. The TV series manages to do the same, casting intelligent, hilarious, brilliant, and beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, and refusing to accept than any one of them needs “fixing.”

The show’s focus is on the exploration of body acceptance, fat phobia, and myths about eating, weight, and the body, and I recommend it to any woman that has struggled with any of these issues to any degree – that is to say, most probably, ALL of us. It is also an excellent watch for anyone working on developing self-compassion, self-acceptance, and/or self-empowerment.

You leave this show feeling good, and wanting more. West’s book of the same name is available on my Resources page – I encourage everyone to read it, as well!

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