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All therapy sessions are held online/virtually!

Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy to clients across New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, and Pennsylvania.  Frequency and length of treatment is determined by each individual’s goals, needs, and progress.

Adolescent Therapy

For the first ten years of my career, I worked exclusively with adolescents and their families, and I remain passionate about working with adolescents! To that end, I keep a limited number of slots available for adolescents and their families. Adolescent work may include sessions with parents/caregivers and/or other family members.

Couples Therapy

I hold a limited number of slots open for couples. Couples work includes joint sessions, and may include individual sessions with one or both members of the couple, if warranted.


Individual Adults: $170 per 50 – 55 minute session.

*Adolescents: $200 per 50 – 55 minute session

*Couples: $200 per 50 – 55 minute session

*Work with adolescents, famillies, and couples involves several parties – the identified client, as well as their parents, partner, and/or immeditate family system. In these instances, I charge a higher rate to reflect the time and work that goes into properly serving these clients.

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