Little thought of the day: Be the snail (give yourself a break).



Hello all!

Just thinking this morning about the importance of giving yourself a break (ie, self-kindness) when things are messy or stressful or hard…

I’m looking at my own to-do list this morning and there is very little fun or restoration and way too many big ticket Responsible items. On top of this, today I feel a bit more Snail than Cheetah. So I’m making some adjustments. Here’s some thoughts on being kind to yourself daily:

  • If your day is overscheduled, try to pare it back. It might feel like you have to do All of the Things, but the world probably won’t stop if you leave the laundry for one more day.
  • Aim for balance. If your day is a pie chart – the more variety, the better! Seek to add nurturing, restorative, fun, and relaxing activities into a work-heavy to-do list. It all matters; it’s all valuable.
  • Don’t bully yourself! If you don’t finish something, or your schedule is unexpectedly changed, or you just aren’t in the headspace to do some Responsible thing, that is OK. You are not a failure, or stupid, or lazy, or any other myriad of terrible bully words. You’re a human.

Be well today, slow down, and give yourself some grace. It’s ok to be the Snail sometimes.

I’ll do my best to join you!


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