In the New Year, resolve to reject the wagon.




A thought to take us into 2019 (and beyond):

What if we resolve (as we tend to do at this time of year) to move into the next year doing the best that we can, for ourselves and for others and for the planet, and call it a day?

We don’t need to wrestle to not “fall off the wagon.” The wagon is arbitrary – it does not exist. We are not good, bad, or otherwise if we diet a certain way, work a certain number of hours, lean in or lean out, exercise 3 hours a day or two hours or one hour or zero hours. A day’s worth is not measured by how well we followed the rules that have been cleverly imposed upon us (socially, familially, personally, etcetera).

I’d like to posit that there is no value system/moral judgment attached to the following:

  • How much we weigh
  • What we choose to eat
  • How much we produce
  • How well our bodies work
  • How much we achieve
  • The boundaries that we put in place
  • How much downtime we need
  • How much we exercise
  • How much we can tolerate (or not tolerate) difficult people
  • How many of the 8000 demands of daily life we can meet (Effortless. Right?)

We are worth something because we are worth something.

This year, think about forgetting the wagon. It’s not real, anyway. Here’s to rejecting the wagon mentality and moving into a shame-free (shame-reduced?) 2019. Cheers!


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