Focus on your strengths, forgive your weaknesses.




I have always had a terrible sense of direction. In childhood and adolescence, I frequently had my head in a book while in the car, and never paid attention to my surroundings. When it came time for me to get my license at age sixteen, I had no idea how to get anywhere. As an adult, I often look around and marvel at the fact that everyone seems to know where they are going, when I so frequently am “lost,” directionally speaking.

In the field of Psychology, every day is a reminder that there is more to learn and know and do. The field is vast and there is always something new and exciting and fascinating to understand, and it’s impossible to be expert in all of the topics and keep up with all of the things. At best, practitioners can be expert in one or two areas, knowledgeable in a handful, and ignorant of many others. There’s just so much out there!

If we focus on everything we can’t do or don’t know, we can get down on ourselves very quickly.

We cannot be great (or even good) at all of the things, and we cannot be expert in everything. It is total folly to try to do so, because it will completely run us into the ground in our attempts.

If we focus our energies into areas in which we have natural gifts and abilities, we free ourselves to become truly skilled and expert in our own ways. When we forgive ourselves the need to apologize for our deficits, and accept that we won’t be good at everything, we cut out all the fluff that wasn’t meant for us to begin with. We allow ourselves to be great in the areas that truly matter, because they are OURS.

Don’t beat yourself up about your imperfections. Celebrate the unique ways in which you are great.

Also, thank goodness for Google Maps.

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