Don’t just survive; thrive.

This past summer I attended an IFS conference featuring Richard Schwartz in Cape Cod. The setting was gorgeous (seals, guys), the weather was beautiful, and the information was riveting. In one of the sessions, Schwartz was discussing how traditional therapeutic methods allow for daily functioning, but do not address the deep healing that needs to … Continue reading Don’t just survive; thrive.

Sing anyway!

My father is the greatest singer in the world.¬†You likely do not believe this, but that is only because you have never heard him sing. I swear to you that it's the truth. When I was growing up, my dad worked for the Atlantic City casinos, in marketing. I don't know why exactly he chose … Continue reading Sing anyway!

Little Thought of the Day: Slow and gentle change is the reward of self-work.

  Self-work is a process. It does not produce results overnight (or, much to the chagrin of our insurance companies, after eight prescribed therapy sessions). It is not achieved by rote behavioral changes (though these are Useful survival techniques) or by shaming ourselves into being different. It works gradually, through regular self-reflection and checking in … Continue reading Little Thought of the Day: Slow and gentle change is the reward of self-work.

A little list of things that are ok.

Hello all! I've been absent from the blog recently because I've started blogging for Psych Central! I'm super excited about writing for them, but that does mean that they get my blogs first, and they are published here two weeks later. The first will come out Monday or Tuesday of next week, but if you'd … Continue reading A little list of things that are ok.

Taking care of your Self first.

Care-taking often flies under the radar because it's a thing that Good people do. It's also a brilliant helper in that it allows us to keep a healthy distance from our own emotional experiences by remaining focused on the wants and needs of others. As long as someone needs something from us, we can keep … Continue reading Taking care of your Self first.