Alone, Alive, & Impatient.

A somewhat personal story... Several months ago my husband and I pulled off a rather miraculous feat and paid off the last of my student loans, taking us fully out of debt, aside from our home mortgage. This was not an accident; it was the result of a years-long, tedious, drawn-out plan to become debt-free … Continue reading Alone, Alive, & Impatient.

Shout Yourself Out Loud.

  I have a new favorite show. It’s called Modern Love, it’s on Amazon, and it’s based on the Modern Love column from the New York Times. It’s moving and it’s lovely. In one episode, Anne Hathaway plays a woman with bipolar disorder navigating relationships and work as best she can while swinging between her … Continue reading Shout Yourself Out Loud.

Survival Mode: 4 Things to do When Times Get Rough

Life is good. There is lots of room for travel, for friends, for Vitamin D and sunshine, for self-exploration and contemplation and laughter and dessert. This is Growth Mode – a period of expansion and stretching out into myself, and I’m grateful for it because I know times don’t always feel like this. There are … Continue reading Survival Mode: 4 Things to do When Times Get Rough

Make moves to be whole, not to be “better”.

Do we really need to be better than we are? We are frequently plagued with expectations for ourselves to do better and to be better. Approaching ourselves through this lens, it is very difficult to come from a place of self-compassion, because we are viewing all of our imperfections and making plans for the "fixing" … Continue reading Make moves to be whole, not to be “better”.