Your Very Own Monster-In-A-Box

Therapists come up with all sorts of terminology to name this and that - we work with the same problems and ideas repeatedly, and need images and language to describe human experience. Sometimes we come up with our own labels and concepts. The Monster-in-a- box is one of mine. The Monster is the thing that … Continue reading Your Very Own Monster-In-A-Box

Is “Powering Through It” Really A Good Thing?

I recently received a text citing a friend doing something that was hard for him, and struggling with it. “It’s ok, though,” said the text, “he’s powering through it.”  “Blech,” I thought to myself. Then I typed “Is that really actually good, though?”.  And then I deleted it, because nobody was asking for my opinion … Continue reading Is “Powering Through It” Really A Good Thing?

Make moves to be whole, not to be “better”.

Do we really need to be better than we are? We are frequently plagued with expectations for ourselves to do better and to be better. Approaching ourselves through this lens, it is very difficult to come from a place of self-compassion, because we are viewing all of our imperfections and making plans for the "fixing" … Continue reading Make moves to be whole, not to be “better”.