A little list of things that are ok.


Hello all!

I’ve been absent from the blog recently because I’ve started blogging for Psych Central! I’m super excited about writing for them, but that does mean that they get my blogs first, and they are published here two weeks later. The first will come out Monday or Tuesday of next week, but if you’d like to read them now, you can find them here:


To contribute a bit in between blogs, I’m making a little reminder list of Things That Are OK. This time of year, it’s incredibly difficult to stay consistent in holding limits and expressing your own wants and needs. Here are some completely ok things, no matter the time of year, for your health, well-being, sanity, etc.:

  1. It’s ok to say No to things you don’t want to do. Even if other people want you to do them. Even if Shonda Rhimes would say Yes.
  2. It’s ok to take personal time just for yourself, and miss an event or two. Or seven.
  3. It’s ok to eat things that look Amazing and Delicious, even if they are on somebody’s Bad (Naughty?) list. There are no morals in food!
  4. It’s ok to do things imperfectly, well enough, so-so. If everything has to be perfect all the time we’ve got a nervous breakdown coming our way.
  5. It’s ok to laugh, to have fun, and to relax, even when our to-do list is a mile long. ESPECIALLY when our to-do list is a mile long.

How do you plan to give yourself some room to breathe this holiday season?

See you next week!


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